Friday, January 16, 2004

Sold a few more copies, plus found another small bug.
Doing some last minute bug fixes at the movies before the press see it for real. Also filling out pointless forms for the idiots at the inland revenue. How can they suddenly ask me where it is I work? I seem to have been paying tax thankyou very much, I do not understand how admin people can be so totally incompetent.
Oh well.
Watched second half of the Two Towers DVD last night. I have to say, the 'extended' version is bollox. It adds nothing to the stories or the characters, it just makes the film unbearably long winded. Stick with the short version is my advice. Don't DVD manufacturers realise that a good editor is paid a lot for a reason? Say what you like about George Lucas' films, he knows how to edit a picture.

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