Sunday, January 11, 2004

Sold a RealGames copy of starlines and a copy of Starship Tycoon today. I'm getting reports of crash bugs but can't replicate them, even after quite extensive playtesting, which I guess in some ways is good as it shows the game isn't THAT unstable. I still need to do more testing though.

Got a mention on bluesnews, which is quite a big site to link to me. My bandwidth is collosal at the moment which is worrying, I've changed my download links to ease the load a bit, but I'm still worried about going way over my limit.
Keep thinking that any day now I'll get my check from america for retail sales. I'm hoping it will be over the thousand dollar mark.
Anyway I'm off to test drive new cars today. hurrah! (well not new, but nearly new). I'm thinking about getting a Volkswagen Golf, I used to have one years ago and they were very nice, way beter than my beaten up old Astra.

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