Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I'm having a tough time getting the play balance of Democracy to the standard I wan't. it s a very tough problem to crack, and various code changes need it really needs serious rebalancing before I release the new patch for it. Once that pathc is out, Im going to pretty much restrict the next patch to pure graphical enhancements only.
Currently the strategy I'm using is to just keep playing randomly configrued games, and making notes of what things seemed wrong. This has resulted in me rebalancing the Brain Drain situation so its triggered with a different eqaution relating to Income Tax (amongst other things). Previously many effects where of this type

output = value + (value * x) which is a bit simplistic.
Im now using more examples like:
output = value + (x^4)
which allows for a more natural simulation with extreme decisions having extreme effects, and more mild responses towards the mid-range of acceptable policy. I hope to get a good hour a day of play balancing achieved on it.

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