Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Ok it looks like there will be a lot of work in adding all the simulation data for government.
I have the voters feeding back their opinions to the policies, and colouring the policy group zones in real time, so I can now fiddle with government spending and see peoples opinions change on the fly.
Thats half the battle.
The other half of the sim, is getting policies to feed into simulation variables, and have those variables themselves influence the voters indirectly.
My problem will be allowing the sim to be self referencing, so will policies that affect business actualyl effect the number of voters who are unemployed?
at the moment it doesn't, so the cost of unemployment benefit is set in stone, and I can just raise and lower the amount I spend on it as a policy (in other words, if unemployment rises, it doesnt double the cost).
I think changing this would cause mega complications... or possibly make it easier (by making it self balancing?

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