Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Still getting a ton of bounes and virus warnings due to this MyDoom rubbish. Why are popel SO STUPID as to click on these things?
I've been hearing enough bad things about retail publishers (combined with my own experience) to know to ignore them and concentrate on shareware.
I've been doing some google adword adveryising (plus some banners). The google ads are very interesting, I've managed to experiment extensively with wording to get the best possible CTR, but that doesn't neccesarily translate into more sales, I need a cool cookie based system so I can tell how I am getting my sales (plus I need more sales). At the moment I'm capping the google stuff to £2 (about $3.60) a day, so its very very small fry.
I'm also considering paying for a premium listing at a shareware site I like the look of. I'll probably give that the go ahead at the end of the week, if sales continyue at the one a day mark.

I played lemonade tycoon again today, that game is near perfect, and very inspiring.

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