Saturday, January 31, 2004

Ill be at work tommorow. Today I came accross the worst example of user interface design in the entire world. Its oms egizmo made by amstrad that allows you to send emails from your phone.
Attached to the device in large red letters is a piece of cardboard that says (and I quote) :
"you have absolutely NO CHANCE of working this device without reading the instruction manual"
And they werent kidding, it was the most inconsistent counter-intuitive hopeless GUI I have ever come accross in 34 years.
And the even admit it on the box.
Way to go guys!
If gadgets like this can still make money how come my games aren't flying off the e-shelf? No sales today, but my adverts kick in on Monday (a smalll $40 campaign to see if it has any effect) so hopefully I'll get a few ST sales then.

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